On-demand Webinar - Reinsurance and IFRS17: The Time is Now 

What is IFRS 17? It’s a new standard for measuring and presenting business results for the insurance – and reinsurance – industry.

Even though IFRS17 is still a few years away, the time to begin making the changes in your system is now. 

The webinar will answer these questions: 
  • Are reinsurance contracts affected by the new standard?
  • Is there a need to implement new functionality in reinsurance information systems to support the new standard, or is this just an accounting issue?
  • How can Sapiens help you comply with these standards?

Learn more from our on-demand webinar: IFRS 17: The Time is Now with Sapiens Expert, Martin Greenberg, Reinsurance Product Manager. 

Martin for RI.pngMartin Greenberg, Sapiens Reinsurance Product Manager, possesses extensive experience in IT development and management, as well as in the insurance business. Prior to joining Sapiens International in January 2006, Martin was deputy general manager at FIS Software, managing the General Insurance (P&C) product and global clients. Martin previously held several managerial positions at the Israel Phoenix Insurance Group, including assistant general manager and CIO of Hadar Insurance Company; manager of IT development and systems at City Fire Insurance Company, London; and CEO of the Noga Insurance Company.

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