Free Webinar: Transformative Power of Data Analytics for Reinsurance

Jan 21, 10:00-11:00 a.m. EST

Data analytics can transform an insurer’s data from by-product to asset – offering the ability to make fast, accurate decisions in a constantly evolving market.

Insurers that can quickly identify business trends will be able to refine their risk models and underwriting practices. Unfortunately, few software systems can handle the complex interrogation of the relevant primary and reinsurance data – retrieving the key performance indicators for effective business analysis and decision-making support.

The "Transformative Power of Data Analytics for Reinsurance" webinar will help insurers understand why data analytics is crucial for Reinsurance management and explain what to look for in an effective software system.

Join Craig Robinson, the vice president of Reinsurance at Sapiens, and Martin Greenberg, Sapiens' Reinsurance product manager, for a useful and informative webinar.

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