Ridesharing's Potential for Insurers 

Uber has already notched its one billionth ride and Paris-based BlaBlaCar was valued at €1.4 billion…The ridesharing market is booming in the U.S. and Western Europe!

There is a clear opportunity for insurers and some first movers have already begun to capitalize.
Check out Sapiens’ NEW infographic, Sharing in the Profits: Ridesharing’s Potential for Insurers, to learn about this market’s potential for P&C/GI insurers and to discover insurers’ three keys for ridesharing success.

In the spirit of this dominating new trend, Sapiens is pleased to share our ideas and insights to help you ride past your competitors.

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3. The Two Levels of Digital Some insurance companies leverage individual digital capabilities to solve a specific business problem. Maybe they want a portal to offer millennials the online presence they require, or a customer engagement offering to boost their brand and cross-sell opportunities. This is how many insurers begin exploring the potential of digital offerings.